synergy, noun [from Gr. συνεργία]. Combined action of several elements to achieve the same result, which offers a yield greater than that obtained from the various separate elements.

Our objective is to understand and satisfy the needs of our partners, in order to establish and renew strong and profitable professional relationships that give added value to their work, whether they are customers or suppliers; collaboration, dedication, competence, and courtesy are the values we apply to achieve these results. 


efficiency, noun [from Lat. efficientia]. Ability to perform and to correspond with one's aims, situation of maximum productive capacity.

Experience has taught us that providing a high standard of service requires perfect integration of the company departments: we invest in skills and professional growth, methodically circulate both technical and commercial information, maintain open and transparent relationships with customers and suppliers, and we are on the market with our sales network.


efficacy, noun [from Lat. efficacia, derived from effĭcax -acis: see efficacious]. Ability to create the desired effect in full, and the achievement of said effect.

15,000 items ready to be delivered; order fulfilment within the day; control procedures on goods’ arrival, during the preparation of orders, and on dispatch, so that to minimize mistakes; attention to details when handling critical items, like compressed-air tanks, or heavy ones, like 6-metre long hydraulic pipe; an environment designed to make the work of our warehouse team easier.



The Sales Dept. is divided in Work Islands, each of them dedicated to a specific geographical area, to a specific part of our external sales network, and consequently, to a specific part of our partners. We have thus rationalised the chain of internal skills to offer a service that is more and more targeted and suited to the customers’ requirements, offering the possibility for them and for our workers to increase their reciprocal knowledge.

For the export dept. please refer to the Contact page


We offer courses on pneumatics and vacuum technology based on the didactics developed by our technical department.
At our headquarters we have created a specifically equipped room to receive our partners and offer them a direct approach to the courses’ topics.
We believe that encouraging the circulation of knowledge is the best way to grow together.
For further information on this part of our service, please contact our technical department.


On request we assemble cylinders with non-standard stroke, and anti-rotation guides, within 24 hours’ time.
We make panels, pneumatic control boards, and electro-pneumatic assemblies on customers’ specifications.
We carry out a recharging service for hydraulic accumulators.


We offer technical support for the design and assembly of panels, pneumatic control boards and electro-pneumatic assemblies on customers’ request.
Our technicians are ready to offer pre- and after-sales advice concerning any type of request; their competence regarding the products offered is not limited to those in the catalogue, but covers the complete offer of our suppliers.


Beside the CE Declaration of Conformity and EN 10204 Certifications, for nearly all our products we are able to provide the “Long-term supplier declaration for products having preferential origin status” (EEC Regulation no. 1207/2001), “Made in...” Declaration, Customs Tariff Numbers, Dual Use, REACH and ROHS.

We also supply all the documentation of manufacturers  about compressed air tanks, making it available on our site in the Documentation section.